Quality Assurance

Quality Control
Quality of the Product is our major Concerning.Completed quality policies and procedures are managed to ensure that every parts we deliver are meet customer's specifications. The quality control program start at the moment a shipment of steel arrive our yard. We inspect and test the raw steel in our modernize laboratory. Every pieces of steel are coded to make convenience of grading and tracing back the products.

We maintain comprehensive quality control records. As our low overhead cost and efficient operations, customer get high quality, in each part we produce, at a low price

As forged refines the grain size by Thermal refinement to improve mechanical properties.

We provide the modern equipments and instruments in laboratory as image analyzer and hardness tester to assure the highest quaity products.


Measuring Type    Brand Model
Surface Toughness Tester MITUTOYO SJ-301
Hardness Tester MITUTOYO ARK600
Profile Projector MITUTOYO PJ-2500

All equipment models have been calibrated in accordance with required Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) or Manufacturer’s Specifications or other applicable standards.

•Hardness Tester

•Profile Project

•Surface Roughness Tester



“To meet a maximum level of
customer satisfaction, we aim to provide the best qualified products only. Through a customer development and renovation in production process, we at the same time, always apply the cost conscious strategy leading to the lowest prices at the
highest satisfaction.

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